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Enable Your Organization's Cloud Transformation

Make The Cloud Work For You (And Your Budgets!)

When a digital transformation is on the horizon for an organization, it is not uncommon for there to be some clashes between the CFO and the CIO. While the CIO sees the clear business value of moving to the Cloud, the CFO needs and wants to understand what he’s buying into before allocating funds. 

This whitepaper explores the financial implications of cloud migration – both the financial challenges you’ll face, and the way to overcome those challenges – to ensure your organization sees a positive return on your cloud investment.

Keeping Cloud Budgets in Check dives into considerations for CFOs, procurement, and FinOps teams, including:

  • Why visibility and control is critical for budgeting and forecasting
  • Tips to prevent cloud sprawl 
  • Forming a Cloud Brokerage Entity: Why CFOs must partner with the CIOs team

Using the framework in this report can better arm you to drive your business, increase cloud ROI and make the conversation easier between you, the CIO and stakeholders.